Back in Spring 2003 I was freshly home after doing almost 2 years of postdoc research on carbon nanotubes in the lab of Hans Kuzmany at the University of Vienna, Austria. Zoltán Kónya arrived home after spending a year with Gabor A. Somorjai at Berkeley, USA and our boss, the late Imre Kiricsi was highly motivated to do top nanotechnology research with us. A small workshop seemed like a good idea to put the group more firmly onto the European nanotechnology map. Funds were raised, a simple logo was designed, the workshop title and the acronym were coined and invitations were sent to some excellent European researchers who were also our friends from concluded and running EC FP projects. I was very pleasantly surprised when so many of them accepted - thank you again!

Ákos Kukovecz
Conference Vice-Chair
Porous Nanocomposites Research Group